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This is my book tumblr blog as well as my personal blog because I found it hard to manage two blogs at the same time. My personal life seems to be tied up with books and reading.

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How to Read Literature Like a Professor
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Franny and Zooey
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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
Mia Claire has read 7 books toward her goal of 30 books.

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I need more bookshelves!!!

I need more bookshelves!!!

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Fidelity: A Photo Exhibit

I took a photography class (FOTOCOM) for communication majors last term and our professor decided to display our pictures from our photo walk.

Our pictures of Fidel Reyes St. were displayed in the second floor of our college building. Sweet.


aw how cute is this thingy i made

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There is an Amy Tan book signing next week and I have class. No.

I will make it.

I will make it.

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The choice is mine.

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Panic over the important things, like whether you’ll reach your Goodreads book challenge goal.

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I bought This is Not a Book by Keri Smith during the Manila International Book Fair for 20% off and I decided I should document this creative endeavor. I will post a page of This is Not a Book every week or depending on my academic workload (because the university is trying to kill me sometimes most of the time.)

Since the said book is not really a book. I will call it a time machine.

So I will let these creative juices flow and start writing in this lovely book time machine. This will also serve as my stress reliever because all my subjects this term are stressful and I need something to cheer me up.

So Hello THIS IS NOT A BOOK Challenge!


(Picture: A view of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines taken for my Basic Photography (FOTOCOM) Final Portfolio)

It’s been a long time since I posted something here on my tumblr. I have been bombarded by school stuff that almost killed me and my glorius GPA (which droped like the freaking economy). I got the shock of my life last academic trimester when I got the taste of major subjects for my degree program Organizational Communication. It was challenging and frustrating as well. My first year in college did not prepare me for the rigors of my communication subjects (e.g. Communication Theory, Organization Theory, etc.). And so goodbye glorious GPA.

I also did not have much time to read for non-school books. It was a really sad life. I had about 40 unread books in my bookshelf.


And then when the trimester ended, we had a vacation for three days (if you call that a vacation). And I did not finish the book that I was trying to finish because I had to catch up on sleep. Then the torture resumed. 


So now, I am still buried in school shit and org stuff. But I really try my best to read a bit. I’m currently finishing Angels & Demons and Freakonomics (which I borrowed from my economics major friend). The latter is an interesting look at our mundane and basic assumptions about how the world works. So far, so good.


My friend lent me the said book when I was stuck in her dorm room because of heavy rain. And because of the freaking weather, I was also not able to go to the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) and tomorrow is the last day!!! I must go.

Check out their website here: MIBF

I went to MIBF last year and it was amazing. 20% off on all new books. Oh for the love of books.



But I might not be able to go now…


But something more horrible is up. Now I have to find some journal articles…

Lanscapes of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines


Book Splurge


  • Manga Realities
  • Journeys With My Autistic Son
  • The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore
  • Great Men and Women of Asia
  • Young Pens for Young Minds
  • Pride and Prejudice

Ayala Museum Inspire Every Day! Event 


This photo set features the following:

  • Entrance of Ayala Museum
  • Fully Booked Booth
  • New Frontiers: Jana Benitez Gallery titled “Life Force”

Term 1 AY 2014-2015 begins today. 


Some times, life just gets you down and you need to sink into a book. Here are five books to pick up when life feels like it sucks.

This is timely. Thank you.

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