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2014 Reading Challenge
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If somebody would say this to me… oh well, that would be awesome. 

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So this is my problem about the city I live in. It actually has a small public library (also the library of the city college)  but they don’t let you borrow books (darn it, what kind of library is that?) and our house is 5km away from it. So I can’t possibly go there a lot.

And yeah, our city doesn’t have decent bookstores. There’s a couple of independent bookstores that sell secondhand books (mostly adult fiction) at  reasonable prices but heck I need a bookstore that sells a wide variety of books on different topics — both brand new and secondhand. Also there is this book cafe that has great food but unfortunately, they have overpriced secondhand books, so I just eat when I go there. There’s also Pandayan Bookshop with a couple of brand new books and lots of secondhand books (I love those, and sometimes they got promos like Buy One Take One Free). But  I need a decent bookstore like National Book Store that sells a variety of books and newly published books. Why can’t they open a chain store here in our city? I’ve been in this city for 16 years and I am still waiting for the miraculous day when National Book Store would open its doors to the book lovers in our city.

And they have the nerve to dub our city as “The Most Business Friendly City in the Philippines”, then why isn’t there a decent bookstore here?

So I refuse to call our town a “city”.

I’ve waited too long and now I’m going to college so buh-bye “hometown without a decent bookstore”, hello Manila! ;)


Raven by oddlittlebird. on Flickr.

Awesome. :)

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The Floating Bookshop by Quilted/

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Shakespeare & Synové (by takeitgreen)


I found this sweet message outside of a small bookstore in Wheeling, West Virginia.