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This is my book blog as well as my personal blog because I found it hard to manage two blogs at the same time. My personal life seems to be tied up with books and reading.

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Fishing for CluesThe Sea of MonstersThe Lightning ThiefThe Adventures of Tom SawyerAnimal FarmThe Revenge of the Wannabes

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Little Women
The Secret Garden
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
The Little Prince
The Magician's Nephew
The Adventures of Robin Hood
White Fang
A Little Princess: The Story of Sara Crewe
Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Avonlea
Much ADO about Nothing
The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
Prince Caspian
Pride and Prejudice
Animal Farm
Les Miserables

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Mia has read 7 books toward her goal of 111 books.
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The Little Prince (by Lady sing the blues)

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To acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself a refuge from almost all the miseries of life.
W. Somerset Maugham (via bookishruth)

Day 22: The book that made you fall in love with reading

Nancy Drew Mystery Stories

Our grade school library was full of this stuff before so I always go to the lib and borrow some during breaks. And then I stay up late just to finish reading it. I was so addicted to the series that I even made a scrapbook about it with all the summaries of every single Nancy Drew book. I also have a few Nancy Drew books at home. I rarely read Nancy Drew now, but I will always love those books because I owe Nancy Drew my love and interest for reading.


-One Hundred Names for Love: A Stroke, A Marriage, and the Language of Healing by Diane Ackerman

Well, let it pass, he thought; April is over, April is over. There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice.
F. Scott Fitzgerald, ‘The Sensible Thing’ (via quotewhore)

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i love john green

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I’ve been talking about this on twitter, but I realize I haven’t talked about it here. 

There are a couple hours left in Laurie Halse Anderson’s extraordinary Speak for RAINN campaign, which has brought together a nonprofit organization, Laurie’s classic novel Speak, and her publisher Macmillan.

Join me, if you can, in donating to RAINN. As Laurie put it, “We are changing rape culture. WE’re defending the wounded and demanding justice. We are learning how to speak up and listen.”

Those high school days when I have been stuffing myself with this because our school building is just beside McDonald’s…

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